Thinkling’s latest issue hits the stand today! Trailseekers: March to April 2015

Ready to hit the trail? After a long Delhi winter, we are! We’re ready to get out, walk and wander, and with a head full of memories and pockets full of crumbs, we long to come home with stories.

Welcome Trailseekers! Whether your journey is long or short, takes you cross city or cross country, is comfortable, leisurely, frantic or rugged, you’ll probably need a map or some general sense of direction!

trailseekers - characters

In Green Room, come read about how the history of mapmaking has changed over the years from skilful artistic representations of journeys to digital information and electronic navigation.  Understand a little more about how modern electronic navigation systems work in Whizz, Bang, Pop. Figure out how you can get yourself home if you’re lost by making your own compass, and learning trail survival skills in Trailquest.

And then read about how animals don’t need a physical map to come home in Shared Soil  – mass migrations across vast distances with internal maps. Speaking of internal, hone your inner compass and start developing a sense of your True North with prompts from Sticky Situations.

So round up your trustworthy travelling companions, grab some high energy snacks (see Spitfire), a compass, a map, and your imagination, and join us for the journey. Let’s see where your footsteps lead you this spring…

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The Editors

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