Isha and the Pumpkin, Story and Art By Aadrita Ghose

‘One day a girl named Isha went to the park. Then she saw a cave and tip-toed inside.

She saw a cage with a pumpkin.

Aadi's story 001










The pumpkin shouted: help me! help me! I am trapped!

The girl then saw a witch behind the cage. She got scared and ran away home. The next day she returned to the cave and saw the cage empty. She tip-toed forward. Then she saw the witch pouring a fire potion on the pumpkin.

No! stop! Isha said.

The witch got distracted and the fire potion fell on the ground. Isha quickly picked up the potion and poured it on the witch. The witch died. The pumpkin changed in to a boy. He was Isha’s friend, Alex.

Isha and Alex returned to their house happily.

The End!


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