Climb every mountain!

She started climbing mountains when she was just 8! This young climber, has since then, climbed Mt. Everest and the highest peaks in Europe and Australia. she aims to climb the highest peaks of all continents soon. This Saturday she shares with us her journey so far, her goals and aspirations. And loads of advice on how you can start scaling mountains as well! To join in please email us at



Here are some tips to get you started

  • Start with simple hikes and treks. Plan different treks with your parents. There are many guided treks in the Himalayas now.
  • Once you have done a few of these on your own and know that you would like to experience this more, you can sign up to the various institutes
  • The Indian Himalaya consists of Arunachal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Eastern Karakoram
  • Himalayan Institute of Montaineering ( Darjeling), Indian Mountaineering Foundation (New Delhi), Nehru Institute of Mountaineering ( Uttarakhand) are a few government institutes that run training programs for beginners.
  • Look up the IMF website for mountaineering in India


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