Chocolate recipes to rock your Tastebuds!!

Did you try our Chocolate Delights in our Autumn issue – Light?  Rocked your friends’ tastebuds?!

We promised you a few more ideas of what to do with melted chocolate and our Flavour Wheel – here they are!  Got leftover melted chocolate? (or if you don’t, go melt some!)

dark chocolate

Chocolate Discs

Put tablespoons of chocolate on wax or butter paper and sprinkle with any of your highly flavourful ingredients from the Flavour Wheel. Other good toppings are nuts, dried fruit, sprinkles, crushed up candies.

Chocolate Clusters

This is a very un-mathematical recipe – take your melted chocolate and mix cornflakes or another breakfast cereal in to the chocolate. Add the cereal spoonful by spoonful – the chocolate should coat the cereal but be hard to stir. Drop large spoonfuls on a tray and let cool. Eat once cool.

What else can you dip into your melted chocolate? We love plain salty potato chips in chocolate – sweet and salty!

redchillibomb pickle peanut butter








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