Light in a bottle

All of us at Thinkling talked about what the word light means to all of us before we got down to write about it for the Autumn 2014 issue.

Willabinka Said‘Let there be Light!’ He wants to help spread the light of knowledge, he wants to see his friends face light up as he does something kind, he wants to light up all the tiny villages in far flung places, he wants to chase all the bugs that light up the summer nights. Light…. is one tiny word that means so much! 

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We came across one such person who wanted to spread the gift of light! Read this post to know more about his project and we also have DIY project just for you!

Alfredo Moser, a Brazilian Mechanic and inventor, lived in a neighbourhood that faced frequent power cuts. One day when he was playing with the sun rays passing through a bottle of water, he noticed how the ray of light bent or refracted when it passed through the water and created a circle of light. This was his ‘Eureka’ moment! This bottle of water and sunlight could light up a dark room!


 And soon he was lighting up his neighbourhood - A simple idea that made a difference!

Fill water in a two litre plastic bottle and two caps of bleach to it (the kind used for clothes), drill a hole in the roof and Stick 1/3rd of the bottle out. The Sunlight does the rest of it; the refraction of sunlight through this bottle helps light up a dark room. This bottle produces light that is 40-60 watts, and is absolutely free once it is installed.

MyShelter Foundation adopted this idea and started a movement called ‘Liter of Light’. There are lots of homes, especially in urban slums where houses are built so close to one other that even on a bright sunny day, no light seeps in. This ‘Solar Bulb’ has been used to light homes of millions of poor people in countries like Philipines, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Argentina, Fiji and many more!

Put refraction to some use in this simple project! Try it today!

 You will need:

  • A cardboard box
  • Water
  • One or two-capful bleach
  • A plastic bottle – A small 300 ml water bottle will also work if you have small carton
  • A-4 size Black paper

1. Fill the bottle with water.

2. Add one to two capfuls of bleach to the bottle to prevent moss from growing in the water and taking over your bottle bulb!

3. Cut out a hole on the roof of the box- just enough for 1/3rd of the bottle to stick out. Seal it in so it does not slip out. Close the box.

4. Roll an A-4 sheet into a cylinder and use this as a cover for the top of the bottle that is sticking out

5. Cut out a small window on the side of the box.

6. Remove the black cover from the top of the bottle and peep in through the window. It is lit up!

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(cardboard box pictures credit:

Turn this simple cardboard box into a neat project – you could create a whole secret city, an Amazonian jungle even inside the box! Fix the bottle, cut out a window and there you go – A perfect lit up gift for anyone!

You can also put this to real use in your house if you have shed that needs lighting up or know of a slum near your house. This Bottle of Light can light up someone’s Day! You must visit the website – to know more about how this project is helping millions of people around the world!



‘Tis the season to be thankful!

Sticky Sit Mainpic

Our question for Sticky Situations, the section where we introspect, was -

Can you Count Your Blessings?

This time in Sticky Situations, we’re going to stop and before we give or receive, we’re going to say “Thank You”. How about if this time, we give thanks, not gifts? Appreciate people a little more, and things a little less. And after we stop taking everything for granted, how about reaching out to others less fortunate than you?

Did you read “Sadako and the Thousand Cranes”, a book recommended in our Monsoon issue? Japanese legend goes that anyone who folds 1000 cranes, will be granted a wish.  Cranes have great symbolism in many cultures for a long life, good luck, fidelity and loyalty, and even immortality.

We decided to make paper cranes for all our friends wishing them good health and happiness. You can learn how to make one (check this link – ) .

Do read the Sticky Situations in the Thinkling issue – Light: Autumn 2014 to and also know how you can do your bit to help others