My name is Jaiveer and I come from the planet…………………CORBO, By Jaiveer Misra, Age 10

My name is Jaiveer and I come from the planet…………………CORBO

Far, far away, in the 50th galaxy, there is a planet named Corbo. Corbo is the biggest planet in the 50th galaxy. Everything there is bright. The rivers glow and the snow sparkles. I lived here with the other aliens peacefully. We ate choclate from the trees and drank from the clear streams. Our planet had no night so we played Hi – tech games all day long.

Pillars of creation

 One day a very strange thing happened…we started receiving signals from a faraway planet. Our Hi – Tech gadgets could not read these but were able to tell us the name of the planet they were coming from…. Earth. On our Sci –Fi computer screens earth looked like a small blue and green ball. There seemed to be other aliens on this planet, but the pictures were too fuzzy. I used my powers deep in my mind to learn as much as I could about Earth. I was fascinated and decided to go and explore this new world.

 I built a large UFO and mapped the course to earth through the millions of stars and forty nine other galaxies. My UFO also had a planet signal receiver that would show me the way back home if I was in danger. I used the pure gold from Corbo’s core to build my UFO’s armour. I knew I would be thirsty and hungry on my journey, so I filled a bag with chocolates from the trees and packed in bottles of sparkling water from my favorite stream. I took special sleeping rocks, found only on Corbo, with me that would help me sleep. I was now ready for my space flight from Corbo to Earth.

Holiday wishes - galaxy M74

 I launched into orbit after saying goodbye to everyone on Corbo. I saw many galaxies on the way. I saw fiery comets and shimmering planets. In the distance I saw the Milky Way and that is when I knew I was close to Earth. I had just entered some funny gas clouds surrounding the planet, when aaaaaaahhhhh! I heard loud crackling sounds….and then silence! My space ship had broken down! My computer screens were fuzzy…my space ship was slipping out of control and I did not know where I was going! So I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. I must have been asleep a long time, something we never do on Corbo, and when I awoke it was dark, which it never is in Corbo! Soon however, I saw a fiery yellow ball rising up in the sky. Once it was light I made my way out of my damaged craft. The air was cool and I saw tall stones with names on them all around me. “This must be a graveyard” I thought. I had read about these while doing my research on Earth. I took my chocolates and water and started to walk. I also had my planet signal receiver with me that would guide me home once my damaged craft was fixed. As I walked I saw a lake and decided to sit by it for a while. I stared down into the water and realized….”ooops I had not changed into human form”! I used my powers to turn into a little boy. This done, I started walking and soon reached a road with many cars whizzing by.

My Planet signal receiver was beeping and as I crossed the road the signal grew stronger and stronger. Was this showing me another way home I wondered? “I have reached my destination” I thought once the receiver started beeping at its loudest. I looked up and saw a beautiful shelter which I knew the earthlings called a “home”. There was a strange, funny black creature running around the garden. I did a “memory check”. This was a “dog” I realized! Then I spotted a sign which upon decoding read, “Mr. and Mrs. Handa”! The dog sensed me and started barking. Two earthlings appeared at the doorway and looked at me in surprise. “Who are you”? They asked. Changing to human dialect, I replied ‘My name is Jazz and I come from the planet Corbo”. “Oh you poor child” said the lady. “You are just hungry, lost and confused, come in where it is warm”. Saying so, she wrapped me in a big hug and took me “home”. Delicious smells wafted towards me and my mouth started to water. I ate and ate and ate till I was about to explode. This was so much better that the chocolates we ate on Corbo. Everything tasted so good!

My tummy was full and the beautiful lady tucked me into a cozy, warm bed while the man hummed to me and sang me a soothing song. It felt wonderful to close my eyes and dream sweet dreams – something we never did in Corbo as there was no night there. I woke up to the sun shining and realised that this really felt like home! Perhaps I could live on earth in my human form from now on? The food was delicious and I felt safe with my new friends. Even the dog was friendly and licked my face whenever he got a chance! It was like the owners of the home read my mind. “You must live with us forever” they said. “You are now our son and we are your parents – mother and father”. Hearing these words, my heart filled up with a new feeling – love. I felt happy and complete. I now had a “family”. To celebrate my father took me for a ride in his car and it was called a “Honda Jazz”. “Jazz?!” I thought – surely this was a signal from my planet to say that this is where I should stay! It was better than any space ship ever built on Corbo!

Today, I live on Earth in my home with my mother and father and my sweet black dog. My name is Jaiveer – Jazz was too fancy you see! I have many friends and I go to a wonderful school where my alien abilities to “memory check” and change forms and dialects help me greatly with my school work! I also help my wonderful friends with these abilities.

 Earth to me is home and I realise that no one is ever really an ‘alien’ – we all belong – no matter who and what we are.


Isha and the Pumpkin, Story and Art By Aadrita Ghose

‘One day a girl named Isha went to the park. Then she saw a cave and tip-toed inside.

She saw a cage with a pumpkin.

Aadi's story 001










The pumpkin shouted: help me! help me! I am trapped!

The girl then saw a witch behind the cage. She got scared and ran away home. The next day she returned to the cave and saw the cage empty. She tip-toed forward. Then she saw the witch pouring a fire potion on the pumpkin.

No! stop! Isha said.

The witch got distracted and the fire potion fell on the ground. Isha quickly picked up the potion and poured it on the witch. The witch died. The pumpkin changed in to a boy. He was Isha’s friend, Alex.

Isha and Alex returned to their house happily.

The End!


The Mysterious Jungle By Reishav Gupta….The story continued from ‘Echo’ our Monsoon Issue 2014

….Wakana was woken up early next morning as she had to do chores in Toshi’s farm

As uncle Toshi used to grow rice and tea on his farm. Wakana had to weed out one part of the farm, she spent the entire morning weeding and fell asleep among the tea plants. Toshi carried Wakana to the house and put her on the bed. Wakana woke up an hour later to the smell of freshly cooked rice. Wakana went to the kitchen and saw Toshi had left a note,  that he had gone to the market and had left food for her to eat. She ate her meal and really liked it.

Ever since she came she had wanted to explore the forest behind the house.  So she locked the house behind her and headed out. In the forest, she was happy. There was nobody in the forest and it was quiet except for the occasional sound of an animal. She was looking for the small, stone house structures, the ones she had seen the previous day. She went over the small hills and through thick bushes but couldn’t find it. She was very sad because she wanted to see those houses. Suddenly, she felt as if somebody was watching her and as she turned, she just managed to catch a glimpse. It was a shadowy figure that was walking behind her. It appeared to be translucent and that is when Wakana got really scared. SPIRITS!

She then decided to follow the spirit as she was sure that the spirits would go to the houses that were for them. She followed at a safe distance and it seemed that the spirit who she named ‘Haku’ didn’t take notice.

After following Haku for fifteen minutes, a bend in the path came and the spirit walked right off the path. Wakana looked down from the path but couldn’t see anybody. However, just as she walked along the path she found those little houses. She had brought along her camera and took many pictures of those houses.

The moment she took her first picture, a loud angry roar came saying, “Wakana, my child don’t do that”. Wakana was very surprised by this and thought that somebody was playing pranks. This really spooked her out and she ran back.

She ran back home with just seven pictures of the small houses. Toshi had left another note asking her to come to the farm after her return.  But before going, Wakana wanted to move the pictures to her pen drive. As she she switched on the computer she noticed that there was a note under the keyboard. It said, “Delete the pictures from the camera”. But Wakana didn’t take the note seriously and threw the note in the dustbin. She moved the images to her pen drive and strangely, as she saw the pictures., all she could see were blurred areas inside the small houses and she thought that it was the camera’s fault. So, she took another picture to check the fault but this time there was no blurred area.

Wakana was very scared but just then she remembered that Toshi had called her. She quickly locked the house door and ran to Toshi’s farm, which was in the valley below the house.

Once she reached there she was wishing that she had stayed in the house because the ‘interesting’ job was to manure the fields! There was a huge pile of manure lying in the middle of the farm and Toshi had brought out three shovels. Toshi was so good at spreading manure around his farm that he used to do it with two shovels, one in each hand. Wakana took a shovel and she did it. She looked as if she was about to vomit. They spread the manure all the way to sundown. Not surprisingly, Wakana had done only a fourth of the field.

While walking back to the house, Wakana told Toshi about her day and of course her experience with Haku. Toshi was quite surprised by the story. Wakana hadn’t told about her taking pictures of the spirit homes and when she was about to tell Toshi said, “Well, I am sure they don’t harm anybody and won’t harm you unless you took a picture and then moved the picture to some other place like a computer.”  Toshi saw Wakana’s terrified face and immediately got to know that she had done exactly that.

They reached home to find ten more notes like the one Wakana had got in the afternoon. In every room, there were notes like the one from the afternoon. Wakana showed the pictures to Toshi and he could see the blurred area just like Wakana had seen. Toshi got really scared and decided that the best way to deal with the problem will be to go back to the forest and just show the spirits that they were sorry and destroy the photos in front of them.

Wakana agreed but she was scared of the spirits and Haku. She didn’t tell Toshi what Haku looked like so he thought that Haku was another spirit but Wakana thought the Haku couldn’t be a spirit. All the other spirits were white, calm and were in their houses. Haku on the other hand was roaming the forests, was black and much larger than all the other spirits.

When she went to sleep, she went and saw the seven pictures she had taken. After carefully looking at the pictures, she saw that in one picture she had managed to capture Haku also. Haku’s eyes were yellow and where he was standing wasn’t a blurred area. Wakana froze when she saw Haku’s mouth. It looked as if he was saying her name. Wakana ran to Toshi’s room where he was sleeping. Wakana woke him up and told him what she thought of Haku. Even Toshi got scared and told Wakana that she should sleep in his room tonight. Wakana ran to her room to get her pillow when she gave out a loud scream. Toshi came running to her when he also saw why she had screamed. The room was full of those notes that Wakana had received earlier. Toshi took Wakana to his room and they just managed to sleep.

Next morning, Toshi and Wakana went to the forest with the photos. Toshi had taken a knife and had notified his friends and told them to wait near the edge of the forest. Wakana took Toshi to the place where the spirit homes were and immediately they saw Haku there. Wakana went forward, bent down and nicely apologised and gave the photo. Haku picked up the photo and said, “Totemo Yoi” and left.

Immediately after the spirit left, the real and small forest spirits appeared and started swarming around Wakana and Toshi. Then both of them got to know what happened. Those spirits were probably ruled under the horrible black ghost and were like slaves. Now, that Haku had left the forest spirits were celebrating.

Wakana felt very happy that she had freed the forest spirits. She visited the forest often during her visit. She even helped Toshi manure his garden behind his house and this time she was more efficient. Wakana had learnt the lesson her parents had been wanting to teach her; she learnt to appreciate nature and wasn’t a city girl anymore who lived in Yokohama.

The Monster Under My Bed! By Risa Garg

(I wrote this story in the summer holidays and illustrated it today)

One night Mimi had a strange feeling. She felt her bed moving. Mimi was scared. She had never seen a moving bed ( or worse felt a moving bed !)

She went inside the cover of her bed and had an idea. She thought it could be her brother dressed up in a monster costume for Halloween. He loved to scare Mimi. But she could hear howling.

She thought  “How could my brother howl like that? ” I think I should get down and look under my bed.

But when she got of her bed she felt something slimy. Her feet began to get struck. Now she was shivering with fright. She shouted Help! Help! but who will hear her in the night. She started crying.The monster kept on getting closer and closer to her feet.

In sometime Mimi had another idea. Everyone knows if you add water to slime it melts and luckily next to Mini there was a bottle of water and Mimi also knew that monsters hate light so she switched on her night light and put water on the slime. The slime melted and the monster ran out of the window!

So now you know what to do when a monster comes under your bed!