Thinkling’s Summer Issue Codebreakers (May-June 2015) Hits the Stand Today!

We’re on a quest to crack some of the most fascinating forms of patterns and codes in our Summer Issue- Codebreakers. 


Learn about the history of cryptography (or code-making) in Hourglass and check out some clever tricks of an ancient trade. Flip to Green Room to read about how languages are related to one another through patterns. Break the code and you open up a whole new world by understanding another civilisation!

Written patterns! Are you ready to unlock the secrets?

Find something that you want to try out or make your own? Set up a secret club with your friends, complete with a secret language.  And speaking of secrets, we’ve kept and spilled a few. Read more about it in Sticky Situations.

As you read through this issue, don’t forget to lift your head up for all the patterns around you! Building steps, pavement stones, leaf arrangements, spots on insect wings, maybe even cars at a traffic light. The world is written in patterns and codes, you just have to take the time to look. Get your copy now on


‘Tis the season to be thankful!

Sticky Sit Mainpic

Our question for Sticky Situations, the section where we introspect, was -

Can you Count Your Blessings?

This time in Sticky Situations, we’re going to stop and before we give or receive, we’re going to say “Thank You”. How about if this time, we give thanks, not gifts? Appreciate people a little more, and things a little less. And after we stop taking everything for granted, how about reaching out to others less fortunate than you?

Did you read “Sadako and the Thousand Cranes”, a book recommended in our Monsoon issue? Japanese legend goes that anyone who folds 1000 cranes, will be granted a wish.  Cranes have great symbolism in many cultures for a long life, good luck, fidelity and loyalty, and even immortality.

We decided to make paper cranes for all our friends wishing them good health and happiness. You can learn how to make one (check this link – ) .

Do read the Sticky Situations in the Thinkling issue – Light: Autumn 2014 to and also know how you can do your bit to help others

A gift for you :)

Neel, Mira, Binka, Champs and all of us at Thinkling wish you a very Happy Diwali!

Our latest issue is all about light.

Light… one tiny word that means so much. This Diwali, let your inner light shine.

Illustrator Saumya Menon made a special illustration for us. Can you spot the different ways we can play with light?

Click on the link below. Print this out, fold it in half, colour it in and write a message for a loved one.

Diwali Card