Put Your Gun Down by Saranya Bhattacharjya, Age 10

Put your gun down

Did you see them begging you that  they want to live

All  they wanted was to go school learn to  how to read, write,share and give.

Don’t you know we all come from the same divine

All the Gods are the same

They just have a different name

If religion teaches  you to kill

Then we don’t want to be a part of that  ugly thrill

We will fight for a world thats free of hatred

Where people don’t kill

And call it God’s will.

Let us live, breathe and run free

Stop now and put your gun down

Because people who are brave

Would never put a child in a grave

Poem By Kyra Chabbra, Age 9

I Do Care!!!
I made a difference by going in carpool to school,,
And in winters never to fill my pool!
I made a difference by growing a lot of trees,,
Instead of using the a.c I let in the breeze!
In the cold I never On my heater and freeze,,
And made a promise to never tease!
I can make a difference by giving my old things,,
And not to eat my favourite chicken wings!!
I made a difference by not killing Honeybees,
And put my hand whenever I Sneeze!!

Poem by Sisters Aadya and Nadya Narain

The man who sang

 As the people gathered in a crowd,

They could hear a voice clear and loud.

It was Billy Sheepy who sang,

In every ear his voice rang.

Never had they heard a voice so shrill,

Not even the famous singer Gill.

When he was done everyone was glad,

The performance  had made the crowd mad.

Billy Sheepy had a frown,

He had expected applause and a crown.

He went out of business after this show,

The reason for this he did not know.

By-Aadya & Nadia Narain