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We’re on a quest to crack some of the most fascinating forms of patterns and codes in our Summer Issue- Codebreakers. 


Learn about the history of cryptography (or code-making) in Hourglass and check out some clever tricks of an ancient trade. Flip to Green Room to read about how languages are related to one another through patterns. Break the code and you open up a whole new world by understanding another civilisation!

Written patterns! Are you ready to unlock the secrets?

Find something that you want to try out or make your own? Set up a secret club with your friends, complete with a secret language.  And speaking of secrets, we’ve kept and spilled a few. Read more about it in Sticky Situations.

As you read through this issue, don’t forget to lift your head up for all the patterns around you! Building steps, pavement stones, leaf arrangements, spots on insect wings, maybe even cars at a traffic light. The world is written in patterns and codes, you just have to take the time to look. Get your copy now on


Summer of 2012 , by Trisha Reddy, age 11

When I was asked to write about my favourite travelling experience, my mind started reminiscing the memories of my 2012 summer vacations which till date were my most memorable as it was my lengthiest family vacation we had taken and had visited my three most favourite places which i had only dreamt and heard until then.


Our first stop was London, the land of the Queen, James Bond and where the famous Kohinoor resided. It was an 8-10 hour flight From New Delhi but it all seemed worth it when we finally step foot into the Heathrow airport. At first I didn’t realize the beauty of London until I noticed a big collage of London’s popular and old tourist spots. Restaurants serving some mouth watering dishes and some kitchens with cool cooking gadgets I had never seen till now. The collage also had a queer couple wearing royal clothes and an elderly lady wearing a crown.  At first I didn’t know who they were until my mom explained to me that they were Prince William and Princess Kate and the lady with the crown was Queen Elizabeth and she was the queen of England. I still don’t understand why the people of England need a queen?

As we boarded a cab I looked out the window and was stunned by the beauty of London. The houses were all so comforting that they reminded me of home. Not to forget the streets were so spick and span, that for a second I thought the streets were cleaned every two hours. The environment felt clean and welcoming. When we finally reached the Radisson hotel, in which we were staying, it was sunset. Our suite consisted of two bedrooms (one for me and my sister and one for my parents), a living room and a pantry. Both the bedrooms had a TV and a study table too.

Once we were done unpacking, we ate dinner in the hotel’s restaurant with a few more guests. The grilled chicken was quite good though I must say, the fish and chips were undoubtly my favourite. The next few days in London were so much fun. We went on the famous Hop-on Hop off sightseeing bus which showed us most of London. We loved the change of guards at Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. I particularly fell in love with their red old fashioned phone booths so much so I wanted to bring one back home!

We went to the Sealife Aquarium were I had never seen so many different types of fishes before, though I hated the big hairy marine spiders which were the size of a pillow! We even got our feet cleaned by tiny orange fishes which nibble away on the dirt on your feet since its their food while sitting in front of a big tank (like the size of a flat) in which there were so many sharks. It was so scary when they kept looking at you!

IMG_0956We went on many rides on the double-decker bus that I lost count. We went to Harrods too. Harrods was the biggest shop I had ever seen! There were so many things to look at that I kept on leaving my mom’s hand to take a look around. Thankfully I didn’t get lost! We even stopped by the M&M world store which had 22 different M&M colours! But my most favourite was Hamley’s and the Broadway show-The Wizard of Oz.

Hamleys was like heaven for me as I was 8 years old and whatever I could think of was right there in front of me!!  There was even Queen Elizabeth made out of Lego! It took me hours and hours looking at the different things there and I could not decide which one to buy. By the time we were out of Hamley’s, (which was a lot of time) we had bought so many things that it felt it could last a lifetime!

On the last night dad took us to see a Broadway musical the Wizard of Oz which was so funny and well portrayed. I enjoyed the dancing and singing so much that I felt I could join in! Every evening we ended up running around Hyde Park. It was soo beautiful that my sister and me never got bored each day running around. My mom also took us to her favourite shopping spots – Camden and Portobello Market. It was soo much fun buying cute arty stuff with her.It was already the end of our stay at London and the next morning we headed to the London Eurostar Terminus to take a train to Paris. Even though I knew I would miss London terribly I still wanted to go and see other places. As I got into the Train, I turned back to have one last look at the city of dreams and say my last goodbyes.



Our next stop was Paris. This time we took the London Eurostar to arrive at St Pancras International. It was my first ever train journey abroad and I only read about the scenic beauty of this journey in most of my books. It took about 2 hours 45 minutes (quite short though!) during which we kept looking out of the window to see the vast green fields and lush green forests. Eating food on  the train (they served hot croissant buns, salad, chips and tea and vanilla ice-cream for desert), reading a book and doodling and just talking to my parents we didn’t know how time flew. When we finally reached Paris my parents were in for a shock!! Why?? Because we arrived into Paris with 7 pieces of heavy luggage and there were no baggage trolleys or porters around in the train station. My dad and mum pulled the luggage all the way to the hotel as my dad kept saying the Hotel is very close to the station. It took us a good 25min walk to the hotel and my mom was surely not in a good mood after all. Now Paris was way different than London.

London was more modern rather; the whole city of Paris was like the French era. All the buildings looked like they were from the classic French era and it was like a city ruled by the kings of the old French era. We walked through a classic French restaurant in which a couple was shooting for a movie. Our hotel was called The Shangri-La Paris. After checking in the hotel, it was noon. We freshened up a bit and relaxed in our room until dinner. The next morning we started our day with a heavy breakfast and I have to say, the hot chocolate there was ooh la la! Mom said hot chocolate was first originated in Paris only, no wonder it was so good! I started to fall in love with Paris. Everything about it from the food, to the architecture to the way people spoke French. I decided I would come back to Paris and study and live a student life here. We went to the famous Eifel tower took some touristy pictures, walked the entire Champs-Elysees and then my mom wanted some shopping therapy. So our next stop was the Galeries Lafayette. I was in complete awe when I entered this mall. It’s architecture was beautiful and perfect.  The next day we visited the famous Paris Louvre museum where we saw the famous painting of Mona Lisa. It was as beautiful as I had imagined. My younger sister was amazed at seeing so many nude sculptures in the museum and kept saying ‘disgusting’!! How did their mommy allow them’? I tried explaining to her that it was an expression of the artist which she didn’t seem to understand. We ate a whole lot of flavoured macaroons, baguettes and yummy crepes which made me think why they weren’t available in New Delhi. It was time now for our next stop and my parents began packing our luggage when my dad got an amazing idea. What was that? He decided to send home some pieces of our luggage via courier to India which would save him from severe backache (that’s what he said). Seemed liked his plan worked!! We were now standing at the airport check in counter with only 3 pieces of baggage  and waiting to see Zurich now and a little prayer in my heart saying ‘ I will be back to Paris sooon’.



The flight was about 1 hour 30 minutes (not at all long!). I slept through the whole journey. We landed at Zurich airport and took a cab to our hotel St Gothard on the world famous street of Bahnhofstrasse.  I have to admit, I felt Zurich was way prettier than London and Paris in its own way and the air was so pure. From the time we arrived in Zurich my dad was a different person. He kept going down memory lane as he had studied in Zurich and kept telling us why Switzerland was his favourite country. Not only the houses (which looked like doll houses!) and streets made it look pretty, but it was the environment around it. There were ice capped mountains far away, dense forests on hill tops, vast meadows filled with various beautiful flowers and lovely orchards with different fruits especially juicy strawberries and apples. We saw many farms to while driving to the city from the borders. After checking in our hotel it was 7 a.m so we went to the hotel’s Coffee shop to have breakfast. What I loved so much about Zürich were the little trams which ran throughout the city. We hopped into one of them which stopped in front of our hotel.  We went to the Zurich zoo which was soo amazingly clean and full of animals I hadn’t seen before. I kept thinking why weren’t our zoo’s back home so clean? While we were walking around in the zoo a peacock jumped in front of my sister and she started chasing the poor bird all around. It was a hilarious sight!! We spent nearly the whole day at the zoo and eating loads of sprungli chocolates and yummy fondue.

IMG_1129The next day my mom and I slipped out of the Hotel early to get my sisters birthday gifts. Mom and me went shopping on Bahnhofftrasse Street and bought a whole lot of cute stuff at Claire’s and the famous Swatch store. As I was feeling very hungry mom took me to a pizza place called ‘Sam’s Pizzaland’ which was just around the corner. I kept bugging her why we couldn’t stop at a pizza hut or a dominos. But when had a go at Sam’s pizza I was in food coma. The pizza was deliciousssss and the cheese was melting in my mouth. After that meal, rest of my lunches and dinners were not complete without Sam’s pizza. Zurich was known to be famous for its watches, cheese and its chocolates and now I knew why. The next few days, we went shopping and sightseeing in various places. Some of the places were Lakeside Promenade, Chinese garden, Rietberg Museum and also The Neiderdorf, an old part of Zurich, all of which were equally amazing in their own ways. But now it was time to go back home, so we packed our  luggage and drove back to the Zurich airport. As we got onto the flight, I said my last farewells to Zurich and to the other places we visited too. I was so excited on going back home, but was sad too for leaving all those amazing places which now gave me memories which I could never forget. People often say ‘ First Impressions are Lasting impressions’ and now I truely believe that. The return flight was for 8 hours 30 minutes which felt like a year when we reached New Delhi. On the flight, I entertained myself by watching so many movies and kids shows and yapping away with my little sister of all the things we did on our holiday that we didn’t realize how time flew.

My name is Jaiveer and I come from the planet…………………CORBO, By Jaiveer Misra, Age 10

My name is Jaiveer and I come from the planet…………………CORBO

Far, far away, in the 50th galaxy, there is a planet named Corbo. Corbo is the biggest planet in the 50th galaxy. Everything there is bright. The rivers glow and the snow sparkles. I lived here with the other aliens peacefully. We ate choclate from the trees and drank from the clear streams. Our planet had no night so we played Hi – tech games all day long.

Pillars of creation

 One day a very strange thing happened…we started receiving signals from a faraway planet. Our Hi – Tech gadgets could not read these but were able to tell us the name of the planet they were coming from…. Earth. On our Sci –Fi computer screens earth looked like a small blue and green ball. There seemed to be other aliens on this planet, but the pictures were too fuzzy. I used my powers deep in my mind to learn as much as I could about Earth. I was fascinated and decided to go and explore this new world.

 I built a large UFO and mapped the course to earth through the millions of stars and forty nine other galaxies. My UFO also had a planet signal receiver that would show me the way back home if I was in danger. I used the pure gold from Corbo’s core to build my UFO’s armour. I knew I would be thirsty and hungry on my journey, so I filled a bag with chocolates from the trees and packed in bottles of sparkling water from my favorite stream. I took special sleeping rocks, found only on Corbo, with me that would help me sleep. I was now ready for my space flight from Corbo to Earth.

Holiday wishes - galaxy M74

 I launched into orbit after saying goodbye to everyone on Corbo. I saw many galaxies on the way. I saw fiery comets and shimmering planets. In the distance I saw the Milky Way and that is when I knew I was close to Earth. I had just entered some funny gas clouds surrounding the planet, when aaaaaaahhhhh! I heard loud crackling sounds….and then silence! My space ship had broken down! My computer screens were fuzzy…my space ship was slipping out of control and I did not know where I was going! So I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. I must have been asleep a long time, something we never do on Corbo, and when I awoke it was dark, which it never is in Corbo! Soon however, I saw a fiery yellow ball rising up in the sky. Once it was light I made my way out of my damaged craft. The air was cool and I saw tall stones with names on them all around me. “This must be a graveyard” I thought. I had read about these while doing my research on Earth. I took my chocolates and water and started to walk. I also had my planet signal receiver with me that would guide me home once my damaged craft was fixed. As I walked I saw a lake and decided to sit by it for a while. I stared down into the water and realized….”ooops I had not changed into human form”! I used my powers to turn into a little boy. This done, I started walking and soon reached a road with many cars whizzing by.

My Planet signal receiver was beeping and as I crossed the road the signal grew stronger and stronger. Was this showing me another way home I wondered? “I have reached my destination” I thought once the receiver started beeping at its loudest. I looked up and saw a beautiful shelter which I knew the earthlings called a “home”. There was a strange, funny black creature running around the garden. I did a “memory check”. This was a “dog” I realized! Then I spotted a sign which upon decoding read, “Mr. and Mrs. Handa”! The dog sensed me and started barking. Two earthlings appeared at the doorway and looked at me in surprise. “Who are you”? They asked. Changing to human dialect, I replied ‘My name is Jazz and I come from the planet Corbo”. “Oh you poor child” said the lady. “You are just hungry, lost and confused, come in where it is warm”. Saying so, she wrapped me in a big hug and took me “home”. Delicious smells wafted towards me and my mouth started to water. I ate and ate and ate till I was about to explode. This was so much better that the chocolates we ate on Corbo. Everything tasted so good!

My tummy was full and the beautiful lady tucked me into a cozy, warm bed while the man hummed to me and sang me a soothing song. It felt wonderful to close my eyes and dream sweet dreams – something we never did in Corbo as there was no night there. I woke up to the sun shining and realised that this really felt like home! Perhaps I could live on earth in my human form from now on? The food was delicious and I felt safe with my new friends. Even the dog was friendly and licked my face whenever he got a chance! It was like the owners of the home read my mind. “You must live with us forever” they said. “You are now our son and we are your parents – mother and father”. Hearing these words, my heart filled up with a new feeling – love. I felt happy and complete. I now had a “family”. To celebrate my father took me for a ride in his car and it was called a “Honda Jazz”. “Jazz?!” I thought – surely this was a signal from my planet to say that this is where I should stay! It was better than any space ship ever built on Corbo!

Today, I live on Earth in my home with my mother and father and my sweet black dog. My name is Jaiveer – Jazz was too fancy you see! I have many friends and I go to a wonderful school where my alien abilities to “memory check” and change forms and dialects help me greatly with my school work! I also help my wonderful friends with these abilities.

 Earth to me is home and I realise that no one is ever really an ‘alien’ – we all belong – no matter who and what we are.


Put Your Gun Down by Saranya Bhattacharjya, Age 10

Put your gun down

Did you see them begging you that  they want to live

All  they wanted was to go school learn to  how to read, write,share and give.

Don’t you know we all come from the same divine

All the Gods are the same

They just have a different name

If religion teaches  you to kill

Then we don’t want to be a part of that  ugly thrill

We will fight for a world thats free of hatred

Where people don’t kill

And call it God’s will.

Let us live, breathe and run free

Stop now and put your gun down

Because people who are brave

Would never put a child in a grave

On a Trickster Trail!

Has a cunning and crafty creature ever come your way? Played a prank  on you and got away? Yes? You’ve met a Trickster!

Tricksters have existed in our stories and folktales for as long as one can remember , making stories come alive far beyond a page . When people travelled from one place to another they took with them one of their most  prized possession s - their stories. These stories were passed from one culture to another and soon tricksters were born. 

There’s Anansi from Ghana, Hare and Tortoise stories of the Thonga people from Mozambique, the tortoise from Cameroon, England’s Hedley Kow, The leprechaun from Ireland, the Monkey God from China, Amir Hamza from Persia , and our very own Jataka Tales… the list is endless and the stories fascinating as they weave their way through centuries – changing shape and form sometimes! 

Last week , 12th December 2014 we took a  peep into their fascinating world of pranks and tricks! Got to know why and how these tales came about , and why it’s all so important!  Oh! And Thinkling’s very own Trickster Champs shared his story of how he came about! 

The best part? Everyone got to create their own trickster!! 


Smayana Singh

  1. My trickster is a baby female monkey
  2. Cute big face
  3. Likes apples dislikes pears
  4. Smart funny and a bit mean
  5. The ability of turning into anything she wants
  6. Tricksterfun the monkey


 Lyla Saigal

  1. My trickster is a human. She is a female.
  2. Light blue skin, Purple eyes, bright yellow hair, no eyebrows and always smiling
  3. Likes- Candy, books, cupcakes and tricks   Dislikes – Snakes, Slugs and al slimey things
  4. Talkative, kind, helpful, great friend, smart, Happy unless someone makes fun of her then she turns vicious
  5. My characters special abilities include shape changer, skin changer and invisibilty
  6. Master mind blue



  1. Human (female)
  2. She looks innocent, but is evil. Well dressed, pretty and tall (has long hair which is dark brown, brown eyes and a round face).
  3. Likes cake and icecream and food, tricking and sleepovers (and BFFS). Dislikes cats and bad days (mostly to do with hair)
  4. Sweet yet tricky, devious
  5. All kinds of magic, usually uses her powers to open portals.
  6. Shadowwoman


Naomika Saran

  1. My trickster is a female and she can transform into an animal
  2. She wears a lomg coat, a floppy hat, black gloves, pink shoes and a yellow hairband
  3. Dislikes cats because of their fur. She does not like sports.
  4. Her nature is nice, always sweet but if anybody makes fun of her she gets very angry.
  5. The special ability that she has is the power to transform into any mythical creature that she desires.
  6. Dr. Mythmaster


 Jannat Baswani

  1. My trickster is going to be an animal and it will be a female. The animal will be a hen.
  2. Neon green feahers with a black coat and a pink beak. It is also cute.
  3. Likes- visitors, eggs and dislikes humans
  4. Her nature is very sweet and loves visitors.
  5. She can throw eggs at anyone and can change into anything she sees.
  6. Eggsta green


V.S.N (AKA Vivaan)

  1. Male snake
  2. Black scales and bronze eyes
  3. Likes tricking people for fun and sometimes to help them. Dislikes goody two shoes.
  4. 60% good and 40% bad
  5. Can change appearance, really really cleer and can mimic voices
  6. Name – ???


Jia Lakhamraju

  1. My trickster is a cheeta female
  2. My trickster normally looks like a cheeta with mainly spots (even on the face and legs)
  3. Like tricking other animals and people
  4. Lives in the jungle of doom
  5. Has th ability to change form, make sounds like other things and fly, swim and walk
  6. trickcheeti


  1. My trickster is an animal and persom together
  2. Rabbit face with dog teeth, human body and dog paws
  3. Is scared of ants
  4. Clever with a pinch of meaness
  5. The ability to turm people to ice and to make them small
  6. Dr. Candy Cane


And now we are waiting to read more about these tricksters!!

Till then,

Signing off