Climb every mountain!

She started climbing mountains when she was just 8! This young climber, has since then, climbed Mt. Everest and the highest peaks in Europe and Australia. she aims to climb the highest peaks of all continents soon. This Saturday she shares with us her journey so far, her goals and aspirations. And loads of advice on how you can start scaling mountains as well! To join in please email us at



Here are some tips to get you started

  • Start with simple hikes and treks. Plan different treks with your parents. There are many guided treks in the Himalayas now.
  • Once you have done a few of these on your own and know that you would like to experience this more, you can sign up to the various institutes
  • The Indian Himalaya consists of Arunachal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Eastern Karakoram
  • Himalayan Institute of Montaineering ( Darjeling), Indian Mountaineering Foundation (New Delhi), Nehru Institute of Mountaineering ( Uttarakhand) are a few government institutes that run training programs for beginners.
  • Look up the IMF website for mountaineering in India


On a Trickster Trail!

Has a cunning and crafty creature ever come your way? Played a prank  on you and got away? Yes? You’ve met a Trickster!

Tricksters have existed in our stories and folktales for as long as one can remember , making stories come alive far beyond a page . When people travelled from one place to another they took with them one of their most  prized possession s - their stories. These stories were passed from one culture to another and soon tricksters were born. 

There’s Anansi from Ghana, Hare and Tortoise stories of the Thonga people from Mozambique, the tortoise from Cameroon, England’s Hedley Kow, The leprechaun from Ireland, the Monkey God from China, Amir Hamza from Persia , and our very own Jataka Tales… the list is endless and the stories fascinating as they weave their way through centuries – changing shape and form sometimes! 

Last week , 12th December 2014 we took a  peep into their fascinating world of pranks and tricks! Got to know why and how these tales came about , and why it’s all so important!  Oh! And Thinkling’s very own Trickster Champs shared his story of how he came about! 

The best part? Everyone got to create their own trickster!! 


Smayana Singh

  1. My trickster is a baby female monkey
  2. Cute big face
  3. Likes apples dislikes pears
  4. Smart funny and a bit mean
  5. The ability of turning into anything she wants
  6. Tricksterfun the monkey


 Lyla Saigal

  1. My trickster is a human. She is a female.
  2. Light blue skin, Purple eyes, bright yellow hair, no eyebrows and always smiling
  3. Likes- Candy, books, cupcakes and tricks   Dislikes – Snakes, Slugs and al slimey things
  4. Talkative, kind, helpful, great friend, smart, Happy unless someone makes fun of her then she turns vicious
  5. My characters special abilities include shape changer, skin changer and invisibilty
  6. Master mind blue



  1. Human (female)
  2. She looks innocent, but is evil. Well dressed, pretty and tall (has long hair which is dark brown, brown eyes and a round face).
  3. Likes cake and icecream and food, tricking and sleepovers (and BFFS). Dislikes cats and bad days (mostly to do with hair)
  4. Sweet yet tricky, devious
  5. All kinds of magic, usually uses her powers to open portals.
  6. Shadowwoman


Naomika Saran

  1. My trickster is a female and she can transform into an animal
  2. She wears a lomg coat, a floppy hat, black gloves, pink shoes and a yellow hairband
  3. Dislikes cats because of their fur. She does not like sports.
  4. Her nature is nice, always sweet but if anybody makes fun of her she gets very angry.
  5. The special ability that she has is the power to transform into any mythical creature that she desires.
  6. Dr. Mythmaster


 Jannat Baswani

  1. My trickster is going to be an animal and it will be a female. The animal will be a hen.
  2. Neon green feahers with a black coat and a pink beak. It is also cute.
  3. Likes- visitors, eggs and dislikes humans
  4. Her nature is very sweet and loves visitors.
  5. She can throw eggs at anyone and can change into anything she sees.
  6. Eggsta green


V.S.N (AKA Vivaan)

  1. Male snake
  2. Black scales and bronze eyes
  3. Likes tricking people for fun and sometimes to help them. Dislikes goody two shoes.
  4. 60% good and 40% bad
  5. Can change appearance, really really cleer and can mimic voices
  6. Name – ???


Jia Lakhamraju

  1. My trickster is a cheeta female
  2. My trickster normally looks like a cheeta with mainly spots (even on the face and legs)
  3. Like tricking other animals and people
  4. Lives in the jungle of doom
  5. Has th ability to change form, make sounds like other things and fly, swim and walk
  6. trickcheeti


  1. My trickster is an animal and persom together
  2. Rabbit face with dog teeth, human body and dog paws
  3. Is scared of ants
  4. Clever with a pinch of meaness
  5. The ability to turm people to ice and to make them small
  6. Dr. Candy Cane


And now we are waiting to read more about these tricksters!!

Till then,

Signing off