Interesting links for the Summer 2014 Issue – Water

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In our Summer 2014 (Water) issues, Thinklings recommended many interesting websites that you can visit to know more about a particular topic. I decided to put it all together just for you. Now you can read and browse all in a jiffy!!

Here you go –

Summer 2014 (Water)

Shared Soil,

Read about the rivers of India, the Irrawaddy dolphins and the Sunderban forest that lie in the vast Delta of the Bay of Bengal between India and Bangladesh. Sunderbans were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. Read about the other UNESCO Heritage Sites in India at


Whizz bang pop-

This time look at the devastating effects of an oil spill. Lots of countries, including ours, import oil to meet some of society’s basic needs e.g. fuel, transportation, industry, consumer goods. In the process of transporting the oil, sometimes the oil spills in our oceans. The effects can last decades! And it does not end here. What about individual fishermen or even all the industries that depend on these amazing water bodies? There’s a lot to think about! If you have read the section in the magazine,

Read more about it at -

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Boyan Slat, a 19 year old, wants to clean up all the plastic in our oceans in 5 years!! Learn about the work he is doing in this issue. And cheer him on at

 Inkgobbler -

We love good illustrations – they really make a book sing. We spoke to our current favourite illustrator – our very own Priya Kuriyan whose illustrations brighten up Thinkling! Know about all that she loves and her special peace offering to the pigeons who visit her.

To see more of her work check out



Sticky Situations -

Think before you speak! Come re-word some Put-downs (mean or hurtful words) into Put-ups (positive, helpful words) And visit to learn more about put-ups, put-downs and much more!

Green Room –

We met Anurupa Roy, a puppeteer par excellence and founder of the Katkatha puppetry group. Read more about the group and their events at